and I’m an English to BR Portuguese, BR Portuguese to English, and Spanish into English and BR Portuguese freelance translator.

some of my latest projects

  • Technical translations, especially of legal and environmental content, for major financial/multilateral institutions, multinational companies, and international NGOs in South America, North America, and Europe.
  • Life Sciences and Business translations for an American multinational company based in Washington, DC, that uses a combination of research, technology and consulting to improve the performance of healthcare organizations and educational institutions.
  • Legal translations for several Brazilian and American law firms. 
  • Aviation and Business translations for the world's third largest aircraft manufacturer and for a major multinational aviation fuels company.
  • Translation of technical reports and corporate communication for several global clean energy solutions providers. 
  • Consecutive interpreting at USCIS immigration hearings as well as in meetings, events, and presentations for clients in the private and public sectors. 
  • Translation of Medical and Pharmaceutical studies for graduates and researchers of São Paulo's Federal University (Brazil).
  • Translator without Borders - Volunteer Translator - 14,305 words translated to date.

Service List

Editing and Proofreading

Hi! My name is

English to BR Portuguese

BR Portuguese to English

Spanish into English and BR Portuguese 

Preparation of written material for publication by correcting, condensing, proofreading, or otherwise modifying it.

We should work together. 

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You may also call me at +1 (203) 880-5396 or, if you're in Brazil, dial +55 (11) 3280-3762

Post-editing of machine translation. 

I believe in the power of the written word. I've seen it transform

lives and take businesses across borders first hand.

As a translator, I have the daily privilege of using words to help bring new worlds

into focus, important issues to the forefront, and positive change to businesses,

people, and their communities.

I have 10+ years of experience, am a member of the American Translators ​Association, and I specialize in legal and sustainable development content. 

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Law, an MBA in Strategic Management, a Certificate in Translation and Subtitling, a Certificate in Sustainability, and several years of experience in other markets (Oil & Gas, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, HR, Construction, Energy, and Environmental), before working full-time in translation. 

About Me

Experience you can trust! 

Preparation of instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily. 

Technical Writing


Written transcript of an audio or video recording. 

MT Post-editing

Melissa Harkin